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FALL BALL 2020 Registration Now Open

Now accepting Fall Ball 2020 Manager Applications

The strength of Mark West Little League is built on it's volunteers.   We need your support to help continue to make the League a great place for players to grow and learn both on and off the field.  We know that managing requires a lot of effort and sacrifice on your part.  No other volunteer in MWYCLL has a more direct impact on our young athletes than the Manager.  He or she must be a leader, a teacher, a role model and an inspiration.  We are looking for Managers who not only possess knowledge of baseball fundamentals and the ability to teach those fundamentals, but, more importantly, individuals who will instill a sense of self-confidence, pride and accomplishment in our young athletes.  


Our objective is to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and thrust worthy citizens. Our fundamental priority is that children who enter the MWYCLL program will benefit from their experience, not just in their development as baseball players, but also in terms of their development as individuals. 


MWYCLL invites you to apply to become a MWYCLL Manager by completing the attached form. Please take a moment to answer all the questions. Remember that you are applying for a position that will impact the lives of our youth players and that will likely form lasting memories that these kids we carry into adulthood.  The selection process for being a MWYCLL Manager begins with this application. 

May 28th Update

     After holding out hope that we would be able to have at least some resemblance of a Little League season this Spring/Summer, the window of time is disappearing and the likelihood that we can affectively complete even a postponed Spring 2020 season is gone.   After much consideration, the Mark West Youth Club Little League Board of Directors has decided to cancel the remainder of the Spring 2020 season and focus on the hopes of having a Fall Ball season.  For those that have not already heard, on April 30th Little League International cancelled All Star events from the sectional level up to the Little League World Series. They have left the decision to complete a Spring 2020 season with the individual leagues. 

     Our league has had many start-up costs to the season including insurance, field permits, uniforms & hats, baseballs, equipment, field improvements, field maintenance, etc.   These costs have brought nearly $40,000 in expenses to the league to get the season started.  The league relies on 4 areas of revenue to cover the expenses over the season: Registration fees, Home Run Hut sales, Sponsorship (Team/Hit-a-Rama Targets/Fence Banners), & Hit-a-Rama Fund Raiser.  Unfortunately, without a Spring 2020 season the only revenue that we have to cover costs are the Registration fees.  As this pandemic was an unfortunate situation that was out of everyone’s control, the Board of Directors has decided to use our savings funds to cover the startup costs.  All players who have paid their Spring 2020 registration fees will receive a 100% credit toward the Spring 2021 Season. We will be issuing refunds only to those players aging out of Little League or if you are facing a financial hardship. 


Registration Credit/ Refund Policy:

     Mark West Little League has been able to keep the registration fees the lowest in District 35 Little League over the last several years due to the continued support of our Sponsors, Hit-a-Rama Fund Raiser & Home Run Hut sales.  To help our families, the Board of Directors has decided to keep the Spring 2021 registration cost the same cost as 2020 season.  For those that have paid their Spring 2020 registration fees the league will be issuing a 100% credit for the season that will be applied to the Spring 2021 season.  There are some circumstances that will allow for a refund instead of a credit.  We must receive an email requesting the refund and the specific reason for the refund request. 




  • If you have a player aging out of the league and will not be returning to play baseball Spring 2021. (ie, a 50/70 player that will be starting high school or a 12 year old not playing 50/70 in the 2021 season)
  • If your family has faced a financial hardship. 


Uniforms and Equipment:

     All players should have received their baseball hat for the 2020 season.  If not please contact your team Manager.  We will have a separate email sent out in regard to the details of distributing the Tee Ball, Pee Wee and Farms jerseys & Little League pin.  All players Minors up to Juniors will receive their 2020 Little League pin.  Managers will receive a separate email with specific date and times to return the equipment bags, and baseballs. 


      We could not make it possible without the generous financial support of our community businesses.   Unfortunately, because we have lost the Spring 2020 season the Board of Directors has decided to carry over the Sponsorship to the Spring 2021 season.  In addition to the Spring 2021 season all Fence Banner Sponsors will receive the Fall Ball 2020 season. 

Apparel Orders:

     If you placed an online order for apparel, it will still be filled. Our vendor, Sonoma Design has been shut down through the majority of Shelter in Place. They will begin processing the orders and could take up to 3 weeks due to limited staff.  Sonoma Design will contact each individual directly as the orders are filled and arrange a time for pick up. 


Thank you for your continued help and support of Mark West Youth Club Little League. 


Thank you,

Kevin Wood

Volunteer Mark West Little League President


phone: 707-318-9179


New Batting Regulations Starting 2018

Beginning on January 1, 2018 Little League will begin using a new standard established by USA baseball, and the current 1.15 Bat Performance Factor will no longer be the standard for Little League-approved bats. Baseball bats with the new USA Baseball Standard won't be commercially available until late 2017, for use in 2018, so, while your Little Leaguer's current  Little League- approved baseball bat will be good through next season, he or she will not be allowed to use it in 2018. For more imformation on the new bat standard, and to know if your bat will be allowed, visit

Tobacco/ E-Cigarettes/ Chewing Tabacco & Alcohol use at Mark West fields

As everyone should be aware, the use of any Tobacco products at Mark West Fields is prohibited.

This also extends to E-Cigarettes and any vapor emitting devices that contain Nicotine.  Anyone found using any of these products will be asked to either cease using these products or leave the facilities.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Home Run Hut

13 & up can help in the hut this year.  We can sign off community service hours and supply a free meal.  If you know any responsible teens that would like some FREE food and give back to the league 


Founding Sponsors for Mark West Little League

Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

Sponsored by BoDean Company

BoDean Company

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Thank you to BoDean Company for being a Founding Sponsor to the league.

Sponsored by Santa Rosa Stainless Steel

Santa Rosa Stainless Steel

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Thank you to Santa Rosa Stainless Steel for being another Founding Sponsor.

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Sponsored by Rock Star University

Rock Star University

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Thank you Rock Star University for being one of our Founding Sponsors this year.