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Hit-A-Rama Results

Most Funds Raised
Minors Pirates - $3,140 - MLB tickets for players plus one adult

Miles Wendt -  $1,400 - Receives $700 cash back!
Delwin Galicia $840 - Receives $210 cash back!
Cayce Gross   $745 - Receives $74.50 cash back!

Longest Cumulative Feet 
Recieves $100 Homerun Pizza

T-Ball - Cardinals - 510 feet
PeeWee - Cubs - 1,480 feet
Farms - Braves - 1,090 feet
Minors - Giants - 1,350 feet
Majors - Phillies - 3,014 feet
50/70 - Astros - 1,655 feet
Juniors - Pirates - 1467 feet

1st place receives $100 Dicks Gift Card, 2nd place receives $50 Dicks Gift Card, 3rd place receives $25 Dicks Gift Card

1st Luke Jellison - Giants - 155 feet
2nd Caleb Rose - Cardinals - 150 feet
3rd Smith Tenhave - Cardinals - 145 feet

1st Walter Gergus - A's - 378 feet
2nd Brayden Love - Cubs - 350 feet
3rd Arrow Gonzalez - Cubs 330 feet

1st Walter Johnston - Braves - 345 feet
2nd Kaleo Kainama Martinez - Braves - 220 feet
3rd Tillman Okrepkie - Dodgers - 200 feet

1st Preston Ehni - Pirates - 455 feet
2nd Dylan Bolan - A's - 435 feet
3rd Tyler Gronloud - Cubs - 400 feet

1st Luke Walker - Phillies - 607 feet
2nd Delwin Galicia - A's - 540 feet
3rd Mateo Shubin - Pirates - 530 feet

1st Quentin Leo - Astros - 535 feet
2nd Mason Nojima - Astros - 415 feet
3rd Carter Taborski - Astros - 385 feet

1st Coleton Meagor - Pirates - 415 feet
2nd Jacob Prom - Pirates - 292 feet
3rd Cody Brannon - Pirates - 200 feet

Managers/Coaches Most Cumulative Feet
$50 Homerun Pizza

T-Ball - Rich Vitali - 884 feet
PeeWee - Ryan Lowe - 829 feet
Farms - Dan Martinez - 886 feet
Minors - Dustin Green - 968 feet
Majors - Jonathan Westphal - 692 feet
50/70 - Joe Nouguier - 707 feet
Juniors - Ian Humber - 944 feet 

If you haven't picked up your prizes, please contact Mike Sacheli @ michael

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Tobacco/ E-Cigarettes/ Chewing Tabacco & Alcohol use at Mark West fields

As everyone should be aware, the use of any Tobacco products at Mark West Fields is prohibited.

This also extends to E-Cigarettes and any vapor emitting devices that contain Nicotine.  Anyone found using any of these products will be asked to either cease using these products or leave the facilities.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Home Run Hut

13 & up can help in the hut this year.  We can sign off community service hours and supply a free meal.  If you know any responsible teens that would like some FREE food and give back to the league 


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