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Please contact Courtney Ploos Van Amstel (Registrar) to check availability 


Player Assessments 

ALL Players League Age 7-13

Saturday January 25th                    Sunday January 26th

9:00AM    7's                                           9:00AM   13's

10:00AM    8's                                         10:00AM   12's

11:00AM    9's                                         11:00AM    11's

12:00PM     10's                                          12:00PM   10's

1:00PM    11's                                             1:00PM    9's

2:00PM   12's                                              2:00PM    8's

3:00PM   13's                                              3:00PM    7's

*** Times subject to change at the League's discretion***


All 7 through 13 year old players, including managers’ and coaches’ children, are REQUIRED to attend one of the assessment dates. Any player who does not attend will be ineligible to play in any division. Assessment helps ensure that all 50/70, Majors and Minors managers have at least some knowledge of the players prior to their respective drafts.  

There may be circumstances that will prevent a player from attending any of the regularly scheduled skill assessment sessions. Parents of those players must contact the League Player Agent to discuss alternatives. Player Agent approval is required for any alternative arrangements.

Player Agent: Kristi Willis  email:




Important Dates: 

January 11th & 12th (10am - 12pm): In Person Registration

January 18th (9 -11am): Field Work Day

January 25th & 26th: Player Assessments (League Age 7-13)

February 8th (9am - 11am): Field Work Day

February 18th (6 - 7pm): Tee Ball & Pee Wee Parent Meeting

February 18th (7 - 8pm): Farms & Minors Parent Meeting

February 19th (6 - 7pm): Minors, Majors & 50/70 Parent Meeting

February 24th- 29th: Practices Begin (Farms - Juniors)

March 2nd -7th: Practices Begin (Tee Ball & Pee Wee)

March 6th (6-8pm) Juniors Umpire Rules Clinic

March 7th (9am- 12pm) Juniors Umpire Field Clinic

March 19th (6:30 - 8pm) Scorekeeper Training

March 28th (8  -9am): Opening Day 




New Batting Regulations Starting 2018

Beginning on January 1, 2018 Little League will begin using a new standard established by USA baseball, and the current 1.15 Bat Performance Factor will no longer be the standard for Little League-approved bats. Baseball bats with the new USA Baseball Standard won't be commercially available until late 2017, for use in 2018, so, while your Little Leaguer's current  Little League- approved baseball bat will be good through next season, he or she will not be allowed to use it in 2018. For more imformation on the new bat standard, and to know if your bat will be allowed, visit

Tobacco/ E-Cigarettes/ Chewing Tabacco & Alcohol use at Mark West fields

As everyone should be aware, the use of any Tobacco products at Mark West Fields is prohibited.

This also extends to E-Cigarettes and any vapor emitting devices that contain Nicotine.  Anyone found using any of these products will be asked to either cease using these products or leave the facilities.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Home Run Hut

13 & up can help in the hut this year.  We can sign off community service hours and supply a free meal.  If you know any responsible teens that would like some FREE food and give back to the league 


Founding Sponsors for Mark West Little League

Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

Sponsored by BoDean Company

BoDean Company

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Thank you to BoDean Company for being a Founding Sponsor to the league.

Sponsored by Santa Rosa Stainless Steel

Santa Rosa Stainless Steel

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Thank you to Santa Rosa Stainless Steel for being another Founding Sponsor.

Sponsored by Fixture-Pro


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Thank you Fixture-Pro for becoming a Founding Sponsor for 2016

Sponsored by Rock Star University

Rock Star University

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Thank you Rock Star University for being one of our Founding Sponsors this year.